[Glass] Installation is driving me mad ...

Dale Henrichs via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Sat Jan 16 14:30:21 PST 2016

Haha, a pleasant surprise!

By using git clones (as long as the clone works) I found that 
installations are pretty stable, because reliance on the network is all 
but eliminated - there's still a package or two that are still downloaded.

Are you still interested in pursuing an rsync option or do you feel that 
"we're in business" as it is?


On 1/16/16 2:18 PM, Marten Feldtmann wrote:
> Surprise, surprise ... I did installation of all of our three machines 
> (just now) on the Internet (including the system making trouble) and 
> all three machines had to problems. The original "bad" machine by the 
> way had no firewall or proxy ...
> Marten
>> Dale Henrichs <dale.henrichs at gemtalksystems.com> hat am 16. Januar 
>> 2016 um 18:08 geschrieben:
>> On 1/16/16 1:05 AM, Marten Feldtmann wrote:
>>> Ok,
>>> actually I am also willing to solve this problem because I have to 
>>> ... :-)
>>> Create the database on a source computer and transfer the stuff has 
>>> lots of disadvantages:
>>> * at least 500MB of transfering data - which is pretty time consuming
>>> * due to local symbol links one has to use at least "tar -chf" to 
>>> create a suitable backup
>>> * the copied database on the target system will start - but loading 
>>> updates seems to be not working due to the fact, that all packages 
>>> reference to filetree repositories with an absolute path located on 
>>> the original system. If you have a user "glass" on source system 
>>> then the repositories reference a location in the "glass" directory 
>>> ... on the target you then get errors like:
>>> ERROR 2318 , a UserDefinedError occurred (error 2318), reason:halt, filetree:// repository '/home/glass/GsDevKit_home/shared/repos/zinc/repository' does not exist. (UserDefinedError)
>>> when executing stuff like
>>> GsDeployer deploy: [
>>> Metacello new
>>> baseline: 'ZincHTTPComponents';
>>> repository: 'github://GsDevKit/zinc:gs_master/repository';
>>> onLock: [:ex | ex honor ];
>>> load: 'Zinc-WebSocket-Core' ].
>>> * still the bad feeling that there may be other situations which 
>>> might fail ...
>>> Can I resolve this ?
>> Right now you seem to be focusing on the problem of moving a 
>> pre-created stone from one machine to another .... which is slightly 
>> different than the original problem of copying the GsDevKit_home 
>> directory structure from one machine to another?
>> If we eliminate the pre-created stone from the equation, then 
>> presumably `tar -chf` or rsync can be used to copy the basic 
>> directory structure ... including the cloned git repositories and if 
>> there are remaining issues with the basic scripts, I'm sure that we 
>> can resolve them once we identify them.
>> The majority of the problems you mention above have to do with 
>> copying a pre-created stone, which I agree is not a good idea, but is 
>> the the problem that needs to be resolved?
>> Specifically do you need to copy a pre-created stone from one machine 
>> to another?
>> Dale

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