[Glass] Help understanding a RcReadSet commit conflict

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It has been awhile since I've done any reduced conflict work, so the 
details of the reduced conflict mechanism need to be paged back in ... 
with a bit of poking around I believe that the RcReadSet is not involved 
directly in the actual conflict, especially since the #Write-Write set 
is empty ... from the information I've seen here, there shouldn't have 
been a conflict ...

Is there a reason that you are not showing the full set of fields in a 
conflictDictionary? I would expect to see fields for each of the 
following (from System class>>transactionConflicts):

      Key                Conflicts
  Read-Write          StrongReadSet and WriteSetUnion conflicts.
  Write-Write         WriteSet and WriteSetUnion conflicts.
  Write-Dependency    WriteSet and DependencyChangeSetUnion conflicts.
  Write-WriteLock     WriteSet and WriteLockSet conflicts.
  Write-ReadLock      WriteSet and ReadLockSet conflicts.
  Rc-Write-Write      Logical write-write conflict on reduced conflict 
  WriteWrite_minusRcReadSet  (WriteSet and WriteSetUnion conflicts) - 

Both the Write-Dependency and Rc-Write-Write fields would have useful 
information if they weren't empty ...

Barring additional information I suppose it might be useful to see the 
error message and any other information from the log file (perhaps a stack?)


On 6/16/16 7:54 AM, Mariano Martinez Peck via Glass wrote:
> Hi,
> My code that runs background jobs on a separate gem (based on Otto's 
> code...similar to ServiceVM), stores the commit conflict information 
> inside the persistent background process instance for post commit 
> conflict analysis.
> I have a job that failed today and with the following commit conflict 
> info:
> Inspect aFaBackgroundProcess/aSymbolDictionary( 
> #'WriteWrite_minusRcReadSet'->anArray( aDictionary( )), 
> #'commitResult'->#'failure', #'RcReadSet'->anArray( 
> aRcCollisionBucket( aRcKeyValueDictionary( ,........)
> --------------------
> .                -> aSymbolDictionary( 
> #'WriteWrite_minusRcReadSet'->anArray( aDictionary( )), 
> #'commitResult'->#'failure', #'RcReadSet'->anArray( aRcCollisionB...
> ..               -> aFaBackgroundProcess
> (class)@         -> SymbolDictionary
> (oop)@           -> 15059544321
> (committed)@     -> true
> (notTranlogged)@ -> nil
> 1@               -> #'commitResult'->#'failure'
> 2@               -> #'RcReadSet'->anArray( aRcCollisionBucket( 
> aRcKeyValueDictionary( 
> 'siteDB-debris-gemstone'->aFaGemStoneDataStore)), aRcCollisionBucket( 
> aRcK...
> 3@               -> #'Write-Write'->anArray( aDictionary( ))
> 4@               -> #'WriteWrite_minusRcReadSet'->anArray( aDictionary( ))
> So... commitResult is #failure and the only thing set up is RcReadSet. 
> I have searched in the programming guides for RcReadSet and I found 
> nothing. I am inspecting the array of it, but it is of size 
> 973...which makes it impossible to understand what it really caused 
> the conflict.
> Is there any tip on how can analyze this better?
> Thanks,
> -- 
> Mariano
> http://marianopeck.wordpress.com
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