[Glass] Repository #freeSpace confusion

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There is no stat that gives you an accurate picture of how much free 
space you will have after reclaim.

Probably the best you can do is to take the number of dead not reclaimed 
(DeadNotReclaimedObjs) immediately after voting is complete (probably 
best to look at the stat in VSD) and multiply that by the average object 
size for your repo (our rule of thumb is about 100 bytes per object ) ...


On 03/08/2016 11:15 AM, Mariano Martinez Peck via Glass wrote:
> Hi guys,
> It looks to me that #freeSpace from Repository answers the free space 
> the sense of "reclaimed" pages, right? I mean.... if I run MFC, but I 
> do not run an explicit #reclaimAll:, then #freeSpace won't change. At 
> least, not until the gc reclaim gems start to do their job. Is this 
> assumption correct?
> If I am correct...is there a way to get the percentage or size that 
> WILL become free once the reclaim has finished?
> Thanks in advance,
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> Mariano
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