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Thu Mar 10 09:02:31 PST 2016


	ok i read some hold emails.

	On my macBook ssh shell in the LAN i do:

	a)	/opt/oodb/gsDevKitHome/gemstone/stones/gestionale$   . defStone.env

	b)  	/opt/oodb/gsDevKitHome/gemstone/stones/gestionale/product/bin$ 

			./startnetldi -p 50377:50377 -g -a $USER -n -l $GEMSTONE_LOGDIR/gs64ldi.log

startnetldi[Info]: GemStone version ''
startnetldi[Info]: Starting GemStone network server 'gs64ldi'.
startnetldi[Info]: GEMSTONE is: '/opt/oodb/gsDevKitHome/gemstone/stones/gestionale/product'.
startnetldi[Info]: GEMSTONE_NRS_ALL is: '#dir:$GEMSTONE_LOGDIR#log:%N%P.log'.
startnetldi[Info]: Log file is '/opt/oodb/gsDevKitHome/gemstone/stones/gestionale/logs/gs64ldi.log'.
startnetldi[Info]: GemStone server 'gs64ldi' has been started, process 6426 .

	The relative gs64lldi.log report:

|             GemStone/S64 Object-Oriented Data Management System             |
|                   Copyright (C) GemTalk Systems 1986-2014                   |
|                            All rights reserved.                             |
|    PROGRAM: NETLDI, GemStone Network Daemon                                 |
|    VERSION:, Thu Apr 17 16:12:14 2014                               |
|      BUILD: gss64_3_1_0_5_x_branch-33242                                    |
|  BUILT FOR: x86-64 (Linux)                                                  |
|       MODE: 64 bit                                                          |
| RUNNING ON: 4-CPU scandella x86_64 (Linux 3.13.0-24-generic #47-Ubuntu SMP  |
| Fri May 2 23:30:00 UTC 2014) 7789MB                                         |
| PROCESS ID: 6426      DATE: 10/03/2016 17:11:26 CET                         |
|   USER IDS: REAL=scandella (1000) EFFECTIVE=scandella (1000)                |
| DATEFORMAT: %d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S %Z                                            |
|   GEMSTONE_NRS_ALL = #dir:$GEMSTONE_LOGDIR#log:%N%P.log                     |

synthesizing  :: , listening on wildcard
created listening socket for ::, on :: port 50377

Internal tables are configured for 1359 concurrent clients.
Server socket gs64ldi (protocol TCP) is created, with a delay of 30 seconds.
Summary of netldi parameters:
   The host name is 'scandella'.
 GEMSTONE is: '/opt/oodb/gsDevKitHome/gemstone/stones/gestionale/product'.
   Clients are not authenticated.
   Process creation MUST be through services.dat.
Pool of ports is 50377:50377 .
   Created processes belong to the account named 'scandella'.
   The default directory for log files is '#dir:$GEMSTONE_LOGDIR#log:%N%P.log'.
   The command line is:
     /opt/oodb/gsDevKitHome/gemstone/products/GemStone64Bit3.1.0.6-x86_64.Linux/sys/netldid \
      -g -n -ascandella -p50377:50377 -l /opt/oodb/gsDevKitHome/gemstone/stones/gestionale/logs/gs64ldi.log \
Entering Service Loop


	Now when i tODE i do the tODE Test Login  for	 gestionale the system answer:

Error running testLogin:
 'Error: Unable to create a GemStone session.

Netldi ''gs64ldi'' on host ''scandella'' reports the request ''gemnetobject'' failed:

Your netldi request timed out after 30 seconds.

If a gem or page server log file was created for this request it will contain information on why this request failed.

Otherwise check the netldi log ''/opt/oodb/gsDevKitHome/gemstone/stones/gestionale/logs/gs64ldi.log'' for information. For further information about login failures, check the gem log file'

	In the gs64ldi.log  there are no other information after  the:	 Entering Service Loop



> Ciao,
> 	i need to restart the gs64ldi service for environment
> 	I setup the shell with :
> 		export GS_HOME=/opt/oodb/gsDevKitHome
> 		export PATH=$GS_HOME/bin:$PATH
> 	but when i do the command
> 	/opt/oodb/gsDevKitHome/gemstone/stones/gestionale/product/bin$ ./startnetldi -p 50377:50377 -g -a $USER -n -l $GEMSTONE_LOGDIR/gs64ldi.log
> 	the system answer:
> 		startnetldi[Info]: GemStone version ''
> 		startnetldi[Info]: Starting GemStone network server 'gs64ldi'.
> 		startnetldi[Error]: The environment variable 'GEMSTONE' is not defined.
> 	What else i need to define ?
> 	Thanks,
> 		Dario
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