[Glass] Short introduction with tODE, Git, packages and so on ...

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Sat May 21 12:24:27 PDT 2016

On 5/21/16 9:19 AM, Marten Feldtmann wrote:
> Yes, the idea is good - and this would be a feature I would like to 
> see in any other Smalltalkbrowser:
> I have a pane with source code and want to see this source code but 
> browser further on in the system: I rather would like to press on a 
> button of that pane and a copy of that pane is opened (somewhere in 
> that browser) with the source code included (or the environment 
> (Class, instance side, protocol, method name).
This is possible in tODE already. The 'Window > clone window' menu item 
(available on every tODE window) creates an independent copy of the 
window that retains its original context. If you clone a method pane, 
you can move the method to  a different part of the screen and continue 
using the "class browser" to look at other classes and methods.

If you want to browse the class of the cloned method, use the 'Browse > 
browse my class' menu item and the "class browser" will switch to the 
class of the method.

There are times when I will clone the method list window so that I can 
easily navigate between different methods in a class while still being 
able to switch classes being browsed by the "class browser".

It's also worth mentioning the 'Window > history' menu item (available 
for all tODE windows) which allows you to view the previous contents of 
a particular window --- kinda like the back button in a web browser ... 
at times this can be convenient as well ...
> At this point one simulates (more or less good by the way) a standard 
> class browser - but the behaviour is not that of a class browser.
> What about resizing that simulated browser ... it consists out of six 
> different windows ...
This is a feature that I have contemplated at various times ... frankly 
I have been waiting for feedback along these lines as i don't want to 
get too far ahead of my users with potentially esoteric features :) ...

There are several different routes I could take with implementing such a 
feature and I haven't quite settled on the approach I ant to take ...

When you are desiring to resize all six windows what are you trying to 
   - clone the whole browser so that you can have more than one "class 
   - "permanently" change the relative size/position of the "class 
browser" for screen real estate issues?
> Marten
>> [8] https://github.com/dalehenrich/tode/issues/264
>>> Some other strange things: change from instance to class or back, 
>>> select any other class - the source code of the last method stays 
>>> there. Strange.
>> This is actually a feature ... When you switch "change from instance 
>> to class or back, select any other class" the expected behavior is to 
>> clear the method pane, correct? But what is the use of that? You just 
>> get a big empty pane in the middle of the screen and lose the method 
>> that *you were looking at* ... I agree that this is a bit 
>> disconcerting and takes a bit of time to get used to, but I find this 
>> feature very useful ...

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