[Glass] GsQuery string is nationalized ???

Dale Henrichs via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Thu May 26 06:49:03 PDT 2016

Well, that's an application choice you can make .. you can arrange to 
change the locale while parsing query expressions to match the locale of 
the user .. or always use a German or US locale when parsing the query 
expressions ... it's very similar to the way timezones are handled ... 
you have to make an application choice ...


On 5/26/16 3:14 AM, Marten Feldtmann wrote:
> This is a strange definition - and it works if server and all 
> customers are in the same locale. Otherwise it gets complicated.
> But now all software running against this server HAS to know, which 
> locale is defined in this server instance. I rather would like to 
> define within the  GsQuery instance, what locale should be used to 
> have a fixed counterpart.
> Now users from different locales may enter query statements against 
> our German locale - no problem  for me or other users in Germany, but 
> US citizens may find this strange ...
> Marten
>> Dale Henrichs via Glass <glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com> hat am 25. 
>> Mai 2016 um 18:53 geschrieben:
>> Intentional. All numbers are parsed using the Locale settings. If you 
>> want tochange the settings see Locale class>>setCategory:locale: [1]. 
>> I believe that any changes you make are not persistent, so I think 
>> you'll need to make the changes after each login ...

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