[Glass] debug continuations with gem native code enabled

Johan Brichau via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Thu Apr 20 14:10:08 PDT 2017


Not sure if I understand what’s going on.

Since applying that patch with ‘self halt’ in the `saveExceptionContinuation` method, I can inspect the stack of the errors being logged again from gemtools.
Does this mean the Seaside gems are not running in native code anymore? 
Or do you refer to the process inspecting the error stack? (more logically, I think)..


> On 20 Apr 2017, at 22:39, Dale Henrichs via Glass <glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com> wrote:
> Haha ... re-reading Mariano's comment on the commit, I should mention that breakpoints can be set/honored when running  with native code enabled, but the breakpoint cannot be set in the same process that will hit the breakpoint --- which would be the issue that Mariano is referring to ... I think ... If breakpoints have been set and a new process starts up, then the thread is run in interpreted mode (breakpoints are only honored when a thread is running in interpreted mode) ... once all breakpoints have been cleared, new processes starting up will run in native code mode again ...
> Dale
> On 04/20/2017 01:29 PM, Johan Brichau via Glass wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Following up on myself :)
>> Seems like this issue [1] is what I experience.
>> Fixed by applying the same code changes.
>> … catching up to do … :))
>> [1] https://github.com/GsDevKit/Seaside31/commit/ed70a052141d50b621c478e2e8db03398a627763 <https://github.com/GsDevKit/Seaside31/commit/ed70a052141d50b621c478e2e8db03398a627763>
>>> On 20 Apr 2017, at 18:54, Johan Brichau <johan at yesplan.be <mailto:johan at yesplan.be>> wrote:
>>> Hi there,
>>> I don’t seem to be able to inspect a continuation’s stack trace in the object log when running Seaside 3.0.x gems in a GemStone 3.2 with gem native code enabled.
>>> Trying to open the stack trace in Gemtools runs into an error 'a MessageNotUnderstood occurred (error 2010), a UndefinedObject does not understand  #'localMethodAt:’
>>> Did not try to use tODE yet in this case but is this to be expected or am I probably misconfiguring something somewhere?
>>> thx for any pointers
>>> Johan
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