[Glass] Best Practice To Programmatically add an instance variable to an existing class?

Dale Henrichs via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Thu Aug 17 15:27:55 PDT 2017

... dynamically? .... there are ways to use other facilities within 
tODE/GsDevKit to simplify the process a bit (sing McClassDefinition and 
GsDeployer), but if you want to do it using the base GemStone 
facilities, then what Martin said ...

On 08/17/2017 02:58 PM, Dale Henrichs wrote:
> Reg,
> If you are using tODE, then you can edit the class definition and then 
> save it ... the new class will be created and all instances of the old 
> class will be migrated to the new class ...
> Dale
> On 08/16/2017 06:34 PM, Reg Krock wrote:
>> HI,
>> What is the best practice for dynamically adding an instance variable 
>> to an existing class?
>> There are two classes in Behaviour -
>>     #addInstVarName:
>>     #addInstVar:
>> Thanks,
>> Reg

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