[Glass] Another metacello loading puzzle: xml

Iwan Vosloo via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Tue Dec 26 22:37:08 PST 2017

On 22/12/2017 20:42, Dale Henrichs via Glass wrote:
> On 12/19/17 6:36 AM, Iwan Vosloo via Glass wrote:
>> I am trying to load XMLParser (from 
>> http://www.smalltalkhub.com/mc/PharoExtras/XMLParser/main) into a new 
>> gemstone 3.4 image as a dependency of another BaselineOf.


>> .. which I try to load with:
>> Metacello new
>>   baseline: 'Example';
>>   repository: 'filetree:///tmp/examplerepository';
>>   cacheRepository: '/tmp/github-cache';
>>   load
>> This seems to load fine, but breaks when it tries to run (as post load 
>> directive) ConfigurationOfXMLParser>>initializeClassesForGSBaseline321 
>> because the classes referred to in that method seem not to be loaded 
>> at this point. (The actual exception is "Set doesNotUnderstand 
>> #entityCache" - perhaps I understand that incorrectly...)
I got this to work if I specifically use 'filetree:///tmp/github-cache' 
instead of just '/tmp/github-cache' (the latter being what our older 
code currently does)



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