[Glass] Large collection and common practice

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Tue Jan 3 10:14:16 PST 2017

Hi All,

I have a lot RcKeyValueDictionary where the key is the id of the object and
the value is the object itself.
This id once assigned it does NOT change, so far so good :)

The RcKeyValueDictionary is used intensively to add and remove objects (in
my case OrbeonFormInstance). The dictionary is very useful because the key
is always given as parameter.

Also there are searchs by specific inst var of OrbeonFormInstance class
(like username,group, createdTime and so on).

My problem is that i can NOT create an index on aRcKeyValueDictionary. 
So which is the commom practice in these cases:
1- Change the RcKeyValueDictionary to be an UnorderedCollection ?
2- Add a new instance variable to the class that holds the
RcKeyValueDictionary and this new variable to be anUnorderedCollection ?

1) This will complicate my direct searchs using the ID.
2) Extra computation when adding and removing objects (now there 2
collections to maintain)

The general question will be something like:
When Dictionaries are very suitable to store large quantity of objects but
indexes are also needed which solution should be implemented ?


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