[Glass] Large collection and common practice

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Wed Jan 4 06:23:22 PST 2017


Is there any measure of from what size a Dictionary could have this 
problem ? Maybe it also depends in the length of the key...

(if the problem arise from 1.000.000 entries in a dictionary --> is not 
a problem for me right now)

The keys of my Dictionary is an UUID like: 

At this stage i think i will use 2 Rc collections (one dictionary + one 
bag) in the future maybe this approach has to be changed...

For now i will keep it simple !



El 03/01/2017 a las 17:46, Dale Henrichs escribió:
> As the size of the collections gets very large, you have to keep in 
> mind that Dictionary-based structures have to be rebuilt periodically 
> to keep the collision bucket size manageable and some of the 
> dictionaries like RcKeyValueDictionary will rebuild automatically on 
> insertion and depending upon the size of the dictionary that could 
> lead to long and unpredictable delays for end users ... the btree 
> structures used in GemStone indexes do splits and merges on individual 
> leaf nodes limiting the cost of insertions ... 

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