[Glass] Can newExtent accept zipped extents?

Mariano Martinez Peck via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Fri Jan 27 12:02:00 PST 2017

Hi Dale,

I have one me my stones outside gsDevKit with a large size (55GB). I am
moving this stone to be gsDevKit managed and the first thing I must do is

createStone -fg -U $stoneUsername -P $stonePass -s
/quuve/sites/$sourceStoneName/gemstone/data/extent0.dbf $sourceStoneName

The problem is that underneath it uses `newExtent`  to copy the dbf. See
this code in `newExtent`:

 echo "Copy snapshot and remove tranlogs"
  $GS_HOME/bin/devKitCommandLine newExtent $stoneName $snapshotFile

That means...I would need yet another 55GB free (without couting the
backups when tODE is installed..which I know how to avoid), which I don't

Is it possible for " $GS_HOME/bin/devKitCommandLine newExtent " to accept
compressed (gz) dbf?  That way, I can compress my original and pass the

Thanks in advance,

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