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>From replies off list, I heard, that big input files are not a problem. Good
to know, thank you.


For the crash on the big method, I investigated and created an input file
which reproduces the problem (attached as bigMethod.gs). The log is attached
as well.

My theory was wrong. It seems not to be a problem with many literals in a
method, but something else.

When I input the file in a Topaz shell (on windows), it works seamless and
the method can be called.


1.	Login to topaz
2.	enter ‘output push c:\image\bigMethod.log’[CR]
3.	enter ‘input c:\image\bigMethod.gs’[CR]
4.	all fine!


But if I do the same with a batch file which uses the script
loadBigMethod.tpz (attached),

The Topaz window opens, it stays there for about 10 seconds (the step 3
above took no time) and the crashes (Windows pops up with “the program does
not work anymore
” or something like that (I have a German version).


Any idea?




Config data (running on Windows 10):

|    PROGRAM: topaz, Linear GemStone Interface (Remote Session)

|    VERSION: 3.3.5, Thu May  4 11:44:37 2017

|      BUILD: gss64_3_3_x_branch-41643

|  BUILT FOR: x86-64/Windows7

|       MODE: 64 bit

| RUNNING ON: 4-CPU haider-pc: Unknown CPU, Windows NT 6.2 build 9200



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Could you send me the full topaz log file? We need that to understand what
might be going on ...




On 7/11/17 1:07 AM, Christian Haider via Glass wrote:



are there any information about implementation limits of Gemstone Smalltalk?


Concrete issue: 

I try to input a source file (2.1. MB – can this work?). 

Topaz dies (Windows reports that Topaz is not working anymore

Last thing in the log file is a method with 743 literals – is this an issue?

My naïve theory: Gemstone (Topaz?) cannot compile the method, but dies
without error.


Any ideas?





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