[Glass] Workaround to browser maximum connection limit ?

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> Hey Mariano,
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> The second thing is that making this on AJAX calls, that would end up on
> different Gems on my GemStone which was very performant. I have 10 Seaside
> gems on a 8 cores CPU so all those AJAX request were load balanced via
> nginx over the 10 seaside gems, which on the other hand were split across
> all cores. Previously, with a single request, only one Gem took care and
> hence only one CPU core was used.
> Quick question: does this mean these requests are "Seaside session-less”?

Uhhhh ... great question. I think they are indeed "quite session-less" ...
but.. is there an easy way to check this? Of course, something easier than
following code to see if I access session. Maybe simply putting some
logging in session accessing code ?

> Because processing seaside requests in parallel is not possible (the
> session object is locked).

Yes, maybe this is the case for my scenario. But at least, the report can
still be rendered ASAP rather than having to wait until fully done, even if
all requests would not go parelel even if they are on multiple gems.
But...honestly, I would love they go paralel....  do you have some
reference or link explaining the locking? I remember some old Dale posts as
well as some code but any hint would be appreciated.
Have someone improved or make any progress on this locking / multi-gem

Thanks in advance!

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