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feenk.com is proud to announce gt4gemstone, a version of the Glamorous Toolkit aimed at supporting remote development with GemStone/S from Pharo. gt4gemstone is released as an open-source project under the MIT license and was built primarily by Andrei Chis with some marginal contributions from me.

The project is hosted at:

The toolkit currently offers several features:
	• Remote Playground
	• Remote Inspector with extensions that can be coded exactly like the ones in Pharo
	• Remote Debugger with mixed stacks (Pharo and GemStone)
	• Basic Remote Code Browser
	• Remote Session Handler
	• Integration with Roassal
	• A Glamour-specific proxy model for efficient serialization of Glamour presentations
	• A basic proxy model for working with any remote objects from GemStone

One particular aspect that we focused on is performance. So much so, that at one point inspecting objects in gt4gemstone was faster than doing them locally. In the meantime, the GT inspector from Pharo also received an upgrade.

But, perhaps the most exciting thing about this project is that most extensions of the inspector can be expressed exactly in the same way both in Pharo and in GemStone, and this makes the scenario of building in Pharo and deploying in GemStone even more appealing.

The official announcement with some extra details can be found here:



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