[Glass] A couple of questions about "new" features of ProfMonitor

Mariano Martinez Peck via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Mon May 29 06:11:01 PDT 2017

Hi guys,

I am trying to improve my profiling code to use some features which I have
pointed out to be new (at least some of them). But I have some questions
about it.

1) ProfMonitor >> setOptions:  is confusing to me. Mostly, it's code
comment vs what I see in the results. The comment says:

*"anArray is an Array of Strings or Symbols containing*
*     at most one of #objFaults #pageFaults #edenUsage #gcTime #objCreation*
*  and optionally  #cpu or #real .*
*     The last #cpu or #real if any specifies real or cpu time sampling.*
*     #gcTime implies default #cpu  and is in units of milliseconds  .*
*     #objFaults and #pageFaults are in units of faults and imply default
#real .*
*     #edenUsage  is in units of bytes and implies default #real .*
*     #objCreation implies default #cpu .*
*  "*

Note that the word "implies" is used many times there. It says gcTime
implies #real and that #objFaults and #pageFaults implies #real.  Then it
says #gcTime implies #cpu.

The result of my profile shows:

elapsed CPU time:    438 ms
monitoring interval:  100.0 us
0 pageFaults  817 objFaults  0 gcMs  2518808 edenBytesUsed

So.... I am getting both from #real (page faults, object faults, eden
usage, etc)  and from #cpu (gc time). I am confused here. Any clarification

2) Is there a way to get the results/stats/printString of only the
"STATISTICAL SAMPLING RESULTS" part pasted above?  I mean, I tried
accessing #results etc but I find no easy way to get access to those
results (a result of each of the specified option via #setOptions:) or to
that printString (rather than the whole #reportDownTo: with all the tree

Thanks a lot in advance,

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