[Glass] " Waiting for vote to complete..." and the famous dev gem alive

Dale Henrichs via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Wed Nov 15 12:30:00 PST 2017

If only idle tODE sessions are your concern, we could add a 
TransactionBacklog handler to tODE --- which is probably not a bad idea, 
but we'd still be open the issue where the TransactionBacklog only 
protects agains commit record backlogs -- I think.


On 11/15/17 12:21 PM, Dale Henrichs wrote:
> On 11/15/17 5:23 AM, Mariano Martinez Peck via Glass wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Remember that famous problem of letting a dev gem (from GemTools, 
>> topaz, etc) connected to the stone and making all kind of problems?
>> Well, I was making a backup with tODE like this:
>> bu backup --wait --commit betaTesting1_333_backup_20171115_033542.dbf.gz
>> BTW, note the --wait.
>> My question is ... I thought tODE fixed this issue (by hocking in 
>> TransactionBacklog defaultHandler??) but it seems it's still 
>> happening to me.
> Hmmmm, the tODE code itself doesn't have any references to the 
> TransactionBacklog class and I don't see any references 
> TransactionBacklog in the tODE issues (opened or closed), so I'm not 
> sure where you got that idea?
> TransactionBacklog is involved but on the other end. The `--wait` flag 
> was added for those cases where you have done an MFC right before 
> doing a backup and you want the backup to wait for the vote following 
> the mfc to complete instead of failing the backup (which was the old 
> behavior).
> If w look at the implementation of 
> TDGemStoneTool>>buBackup:waitForVotingToComplete:safely:uncompressed:validate: 
> and the block that is invoked when the `--wait` flag is used
>   waitForVotingToComplete
>     ifTrue: [
>       Transcript
>         cr;
>         show: 'Waiting for vote to complete...'.
>       self waitForVoteStateIdle.
>       self
>         checkGcLock: [ :sessionHoldingGcLock |
>           self
>             error:
>               'System has completed voting, but the gc lock is still 
> being held by session with id '
>                 , sessionHoldingGcLock printString , '.' ].
>       Transcript show: 'Vote complete.' ]
> we see that #waitForVoteStateIdle is what `--wait` is waiting for... 
> and if you follow the chain to System class>>voteState this is the 
> list of vote states involved:
> and I think that vote states 4 and 5 prevent a backup from starting 
> (and were causing errors previous to the introduction of `--wait`) ... 
> I also think that immediately following an MFC the system goes into 
> state 2 .... and this is the point where TransactionBacklog comes into 
> play ...
> The `--wait` code waits for voting to be completed ... as I've already 
> said the original purpose of the --wait flag was to allow MFC to 
> finish NORMALLY before attempting to run the backup, however idle (or 
> active) sessions will not vote until they have crossed a transaction 
> boundary.
> The TransactionBacklog notification is something that gems can 
> implement a handler for to avoid running into commit record backlog 
> issues --- the TransactionBacklog notification is signalled when a 
> certain commit record backlog threshold is crossed --- we do not 
> signal the TransactionBacklog to force a vote ... and now that I think 
> about it, you have likely installed TransactionBacklog in your 
> application so that idle gems won't cause commit record backlogs ...
> This of course raises the question about whether or not the 
> TransactionBacklog notivication can/should be used to inform idle 
> sessions that they should vote --- so that the combo MFC then BACKUP 
> can proceed without "waiting for the cr backlog to climb" ...
> Does this make sense?
> I will submit an internal bug, if you think this is worth doing...
> Dale

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