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On Fri, Nov 24, 2017 at 8:41 AM, Mariano Martinez Peck <
marianopeck at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Fri, Nov 24, 2017 at 5:47 AM, Bernhard Pieber <bernhard at pieber.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi Mariano,
>> Yes, I’d be very interested to see how your scripts look like, for init.d,
> This is very simple file... btw I just remember that I let Seaside gems to
> be started by monit rather than init.d..
> I will also send you a monit example just in case (this is intended to be
> used with my seaside scripts and with FastCGI but you can get an idea).
>> and also how you load BaselineOfSeaside
> Something as simple as:
> Metacello new
>    baseline: 'Seaside3';
>    repository: 'github://SeasideSt/Seaside:v3.2.4/repository';
>    onLock: [ :ex :loaded :incoming | ex honor ];
>    get;
>    load: #('Core' 'Zinc-Seaside' 'Javascript' 'JQuery' 'JSON' 'FastCGI'
> 'Email' 'Filesystem' 'CI');
>    lock.
> In *my opinion* GsDevKit seaside [1] does not make anymore as for holding
> the CODE. The official repository for seaside [2] now supports gemstone and
> you  can use latest version etc.
> In the README you can see how to install in GemStone.
> What does make sense is to have nice Seaside scripts for managing gems ,
> maitainance, etc. That's why I think that [1] still makes sense but as for
> holding scripts mostly but not for seaside code.
> I am wathcing the doc on seaside scripts [3] and I imagine they will point
> back to the scripts in $GEMSTONE/seaside/bin/*.   Those scripts are the one
> I have been forking / maintaining / improving and using since a loooong
> time.
> If someone is really interested  we could:
> 1) analyze my changes with upstream / original scripts and see if you
> agree with the improvements (I guess you would)
> 2) publish my scripts into [1] and stop using this project for code (or to
> a new repo?)

Just in case it was not clear...I am proposing to start managing Seaside
scripts in github (wether [1] or a new project) rather than the
product-provided $GEMSTONE/seaside/bin/

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