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While not explicitly disallowed, it is not recommended that you do this 
... Between any two versions of GemStone it is possible that primitive 
changes or private method changes (methods beginning with `_`) have been 
made and restoring from an incompatible version will not protect you 
from running into unexpected issues ... you should always do a upgrade 
when moving between GemStone versions to ensure that you are running 
compatible code ...


On 10/3/17 1:33 AM, Marten Feldtmann via Glass wrote:
> Hello,
> consider the situation, where I have a running stone (say 3.3.6) and I 
> import a backup of a 3.3.x (wher x < 6). What kind of database do I 
> have after that ? 3.3.6 or 3.3.x ? Any problems with situations like 
> this ?
> Marten
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