[Glass] tode: renaming package or ... ?

Johan Brichau via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Sat Oct 7 06:35:21 PDT 2017

Hi there,

I am searching for the easiest way to rename a package using ToDE.

The use case is that I need to create a new Grease-GemStone330-Core package, to make changes specific to GemStone 3.3+ in the original Grease-GemStone300-Core package.

Right now, I created a new package and I am manually moving the (luckily very few) methods and classes from Grease-GemStone300-Core to the new Grease-GemStone330-Core.

Is there an easier way? I tried going through all command of ToDE but just could not find anything better...

thx for any help

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