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Thanks a nice list! For Smalltalks conference (in about 2 weeks) I will
give 2 talks. In one of them I will be talking about some Gemstone-related
sysadmin I do via the web app itself (from an admin kind of component).
That includes:

* System Repository Stats ( size/usage/free )
* List backups. For each backup with a button I can also trigger a "Scan"
which outputs a file counting instances of each class...
* List app and gemstone logs (and be able to watch them)
* Watch Stone Configuration Report
* Watch Gem Stone Configuration Report
* Watch Stone Version Report
* Watch Client Version Report
* All Current Sessions Descriptions: a table displaying all the
descriptions  for every alive gem
* Table with Gem Instances List (instance count of each class of the gem)
* I can trigger "Instances Counting" (like the backup but for the extent)
* Can trigger object audit as well as object audit and repair
* Can trigger cleanup and audit of indexes.
* I can enable/disable GemStone profiler for each Seaside request where
resulting report files are sync with sysadmins via dropbox. I can also
customize how to profile (cpu, memory, etc) as well as sampling frequency,
report treshold, etc etc.
* From the app, I also have a kind of workspace, inspector, debugger (I can
debug stored continuations or stored errors right from the web).
* a few more things...

I guess you get the idea.  Not sure how much I will be able to talk about
but if someone is interested I can share some more light.


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> Just for discussion:
> https://schrievkrom.wordpress.com/2017/10/24/more-gemstones-
> talks-at-next-esug/
> Any comments about this ...
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