[Glass] Cannot execute a leaf node

Jupiter Jones via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Fri Sep 29 20:16:52 PDT 2017

I’ve just installed GS3.3.4 and seaside 3.2 from SeasideSt on github (rather than the GsDevKit/Seaside31).

I then mounted the GsDevKit_home/etc/GsDevKit_seaside31/bin in tODE and went to register a seaside server and got the following error:

tode 1 > seaside/seasideWebServer --register=zinc --port=8383
Topez ERROR: a TodeCommandError occurred (error 121000), Cannot execute a leaf node

I have a previous installation of 3.3.3 in the same GsDevKit and the scripts are working. I’m not sure what I’ve done differently and any advice would be appreciated.



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