[Glass] Icu library version mismatch

PAUL DEBRUICKER pdebruic at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 21:58:25 PST 2018

Hi - 

I'm restoring a backup of a non-GsDevKit 3.3.1 stone onto a new linux server on Ubuntu 18.04 with a new install of GsDevKit_home.  In a linked topaz, after doing the 

SystemRepository restoreFromBackup: 'myBackup' 

command I get this error:

ERROR 2710 , a Error occurred (error 2710), Globals at: #IcuLibraryVersion = 51.2 ; does not match loaded library = 54.1 (Error)

After trying the fixes in this bug 


I get these errors when setting the env vars in both or either of the extent.conf and gem.conf file for the stone.

WARNING: GS_LIB_ICU_BYPASS is not a known GemStone option.

WARNING: GS_LIB_ICU_VERSION is not a known GemStone option.

And attempting to set then commit the global #IcuLibraryVersion in the restored stone to 54.1 causes a Transaction error. e.g.

ERROR 2249 , a TransactionError occurred (error 2249), Further commits have been disabled for this session because: 'Globals at: #IcuLibraryVersion = 51.2 ; does not match loaded library = 54.1'. This session must logout. (TransactionError)

I've started to copy the old extent over so I don't need to restore.  Is there something else I should try?



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