[Glass] Usage of OOP - when is it stable ?

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Sat Feb 10 09:29:09 PST 2018

The oop is stable from the time it is committed to the database (anObj 
isCommitted == true) up until the time the object is no longer 
referenced and is collected by the garbage collector.  Using the oop as 
a reference is safe to do so long as you understand these limitations.

On 2/10/2018 3:48 AM, Marten Feldtmann via Glass wrote:
> Hello,
> we do our development in Gemstone totally via APIs.
> So the developer in general transfers ids of objects with the API 
> calls with additional informations (e.g. additional ids for a lookup 
> path) so the lookup can be done in a mangeable time frame (with each 
> API call). The lookup path also gives an indication, if the api-user 
> still has a valid view in its client.
> The lookup is still time consuming and I would like to consider using 
> the numerical oop numbers for references. But I do not understand 
> fully the constraints of these oop.
> The oop should be stable under certain circumstances:
> * as long as the object lives it has the same oop (not changed by GC)
> * within different concurrent running sessions (gem), an object alwas 
> has the same returned oop (????????????????)
> * if the objects is not referenced any more, the oop may be reused
> * I lookup the object via the oop number and always do additional 
> checks to see, if the object is the expected one (expected class, 
> associations to other object)
> So my question - is the oop useable for that ? The documentation says, 
> that the oop is not a reference. Or are there any other IDs available 
> for that ?
> The purpose is to get a very fast access to objects in the database - 
> without any additional large sets and indices included.
> Marten
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