[Glass] Debugging a multiple process system ... ?

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Did you know that you should be able to open a debugger on a 
continuation - it is possible with tODE and GemTools. I think that most 
folks find this a reasonable solution.

With tODE you can set remote breakpoints and arrange to have a 
continuation snapped off at that point for later debugging.

Back in the very early days, I had a debugger pop up in GemTools from a 
remote gem that you were allowed to debug and then proceed from, but it 
seems that continuation-based debugging pretty much satisfies the need 
to debug remote sessions.

You can arrange for a Seaside-based debugger to come up in the browser 
when you hit an error, but I don't think this is the route you are 
thinking of.


On 01/20/2018 09:35 PM, Marten Feldtmann via Glass wrote:
> If one has a multi process Gemstone system answering request with 
> http/http/ws/wss I would find it very nice to set this system into a 
> debugging state.
> And from my IDE I connect dynamically to that running process which 
> has thrown an exception and pops up a debugger.
> Has anyone thought about such a system ?
> Marten
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