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On 01/26/2018 04:52 PM, monty via Glass wrote:
> I wrote to you about this in 2016:
>> (simulating upgrading to a new version that uses the same GS compat .mcz). run the tests again and many fail, because extension methods under "*XML-Parser-GemstoneCompatibility" (eg in Collection or GsFile) disappeared when you reloaded the "XML-Parser" .mcz. This shouldn't happen. I think it's due to this bug (which was fixed on Pharo):http://lists.gforge.inria.fr/pipermail/pharo-bugtracker/2015-May/071136.html
> (Note: none of my extension packages overwrite any existing methods; they only add new methods and classes.)

This is not a "gemstone bug" per se. Monticello's package naming rules 
prohibit having two packages with a common prefix (i.e., XML-Parser and 
XML-Parser-GemstoneCompatibility cannot be used as names for two 
separate packages). This rule has been in effect since the beginning of 

A couple years ago Pharo began unilaterally violating this "convention". 
I "accidentally" found out about this when I tried to port Voyage into 
GemStone ... it is not a simple matter of "fixing a bug" ... Pharo 
redefined their whole package definition model at this time and it took 
them a year to get it right and since this action was taken unilaterally 
it has not fit into my schedule to completely redesign the package 
management scheme in GemStone ... so this is actually a Pharo bug ...

The simple solution is to go back and use the portable Monticello naming 
conventions for projects that are intended to be portable ...

For GemStone 3.5 we are finally going to support a project/package 
management system in the base image of GemStone and it is likely that we 
will not be constrained by the Monticello naming conventions for 
Filetree and Tonel repositories, however, it is entirely possible that 
the Monticello support for GemStone (.mcz files) will continue to 
support only the portable naming conventions, since the new work is 
completely independent of the current Monticello implementation and 
Monticello support will not be in the base image, but added as an 
extension for GLASS/GsDevKit ...

I appreciate the offer to let us mirror the repos and when I do I will 
have to rename the package to conform to the portable Monticello naming 
convention, but since there are folks that are using the .mcz versions 
perhaps you should rename your .mcz packages to conform to the portable 
naming convention as that will like resolve the problems that folks are 
apparently having ... It will be easier to maintain the mirror if the 
.mcz package names and filetree package names are the same ...

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