[Glass] New user can't access GLASS & other classes

Jerry Kott via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Tue Jul 3 22:28:43 PDT 2018


this pertains to GsDevKit with GS 3.4.1.

In a fresh client (tode1) I have created a new UserGroup (JKTestGroup), added a new UserProfile (JKTestUser) to it. Committed the transaction. I copied the content of my devKit_34 session profile and changed only the credentials. I have created a new client (tode2), in which I can see the two session profiles (devKit_34 and jkTest_34). I can log in to the stone (which is running on another host but that’s not a problem - I have ssh port forwarding set up and it works for both tode1 and tode2 clients). But when I do the ‘Test Login’ to jkTest_34 session, I get

Stone            : !@localhost#server!devKit_34
Stone host       : orion.local
GemStone version : 3.4.1
cpu kind         : x86_64
GLASS not installed
GLASS1 not installed
Tode not installed

whereas when I use the original devKit_34 session, I get the expected

Stone            : !@localhost#server!devKit_34
Stone host       : orion.local
GemStone version : 3.4.1
cpu kind         : x86_64
GLASS version    : >=1.0-beta.9.2.1 [ConfigurationOfGLASS]
Metacello version: >=1.0-beta.32.3 [ConfigurationOfMetacello]
       repository: /gemstone/GsDevKit_home/shared/repos/glass/repository
       repository: /gemstone/GsDevKit_home/shared/repos/tode/repository

I have tracked this to the UserGlobals in the DataCurator user profile having all the GLASS & Tode classes. I’ve tried several different ways to put them into the JKTestUser symbol dictionaries (insert a new one, or put the classes in the Published dictionary), but when I do that, I get an error ‘improper store’ with some parameters.

What should be a proper way to make the GLASS & Tode classes available to users other than DataCurator? Obviously I would like to do my development as a different user...

Jerry Kott
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