[Glass] Method history at GemStone level

BrunoBB via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Wed Jul 11 10:15:44 PDT 2018

i tracked the problem in two places:
1) Behavior>>compileMethod:category:using:environmentId:
2) MethodVersionHistory>>addVersionFor:oldMeth:oldStamp:oldCategory:

1) (oldCat := self categoryOfSelector: sel) "never answer [nil] for new
  So [oldMeth] temp never is [nil]. 
  [oldMeth] is passed to

2) For new methods [coll] is [nil] and as stated in 1) [oldMethod] is not
  So two entries of MethodVersionRecord are added (at line 20 and 27).

Solution in 2)
Put [^mDict at: selector put: coll] at line 26 in order to avoid another
addFirst: call.

Solution in 1)
Or fix (oldCat := self categoryOfSelector: sel) to answer [nil] for new


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