[Glass] Porting Teapot to Gemstones

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Wed May 2 08:24:32 PDT 2018

Hi Sergio,

>From the tode command line you can add Monticello repos and manipulate
packages directly.  I'm not as familiar with the 'project' command.  To add
a repo use the 'mr' command.  From the tode prompt use

man mr

to see the help documentation for the mr command

or just create the repo:

mr create http://smalltalkhub.com/#!/~zeroflag/Teapot/

then to see all the repos including the new one

mr list

or you can filter the list of repos using a search term e.g.

mr list Teapot

Once the list of repos opens you can right click on the repo of interest and
choose 'packages' to see the list of packages

find the name of the package you're interested in and left click it.  Then
the list of versions in the repo will open and you can right click on the
version you want and click 'load'

You can also use the tode command 'touch' to create a file you can run like
a script. e.g.

touch sh loadTeapot

then use the edit command to open an editor e.g.

edit loadTeapot

And enter the gofer command.  Once you have it how you like it you can then
run it with a


Hope this helps


GLASS mailing list wrote
> Okay, I am having trouble figuring out how to install this into the tODE..
> Usually, i would run the Gofer command on a workspace. I am not sure what
> to do to get project install to ingest
> "http://smalltalkhub.com/#!/~zeroflag/Teapot/“
> Ideas?
> On April 28, 2018 at 6:27:59 PM, sergio ruiz (

> sergio.rrd@

> ) wrote:
> Ah.. i thought there was something i was completely missing..  like.. some
> secret way the code was being saved.
> Thanks! i’ll get to work..
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> peace,
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