[Glass] Gemstones bidirectional communications

Trussardi Dario Romano dario.trussardi at tiscali.it
Fri Jan 4 09:06:47 PST 2019


	to manage the problematic application on which i am working
	i would need to have two distinct environments that communicate with each other.

	Where for environment i mean a Gemstone database.

	The first one should handle local management (i call it local-database) and is active on a local server (where the event happens).

	The second (i call it the internet-database) should manage support for users' smartphones and send summary data to the local-database.

	Internet-database is active on a server in remote datacenter.

	In this way users (hundreds) with their devices go to load the Internet-database not interfering with local-database management.

	Now my question is about how i can handle bidirectional communication between the two Gemstone database servers (running a VPN)

	Thanks for considerations,


	P.S. Have I been sufficiently clear?

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