[Glass] External Sessions issues

Trussardi Dario Romano dario.trussardi at tiscali.it
Fri Jan 11 08:21:18 PST 2019


	i do som test about External Sessions support between two	 Gemstone 3.4.3. 	system.

	Some points:

		A) The remote system ( presolana )need to have the same	 logs directory path  ( /opt/GsDKb/GsDevKit_home/server/stones/base_343/logs ) 	of the request.
			Otherwise the remote	 netldi.log	report the entry:
			For client command: '!#encrypted:party#netldi:39357#dir:/opt/GsDKb/GsDevKit_home/server/stones/base_343/logs#log:%N%P.log!gemnetobject'
    			chdir(/opt/GsDKb/GsDevKit_home/server/stones/base_343/logs) failed in child process		
  			  ERROR: errno=2,ENOENT, The file or directory specified cannot be found

		B) 	When create  the GsExternalSession  with the Network Resource String:		gemNRS: '!@!gemnetobject'

				 UserGlobals at: #Sample put:
    					( GsExternalSession
    gemNRS: '!@!gemnetobject'
    stoneNRS: '!@!base_343'
    username: 'DataCurator'
    password: 'swordfish'

the system report the error:

	a MessageNotUnderstood occurred (error 2010), a String does not understand  #'node' (3)

		C) 	I login aGsExternalSession on remote system	and all works fine.

			But when i do the aGsExternalSession logout 

			the system is blocked for 20 seconds and after open a dialog: 

				UserDefinedError: session with stone session ID of 6 gemProcessId = 3115 still present 20 seconds after logout (3)

		D) The exception it is not accessible, or at least it is not clear how to do it.
			| result | 
	result := [myGsExternalSession executeString: '1/0']
				on: GciError
				do: [:ex | ex description].

			open a dialog with : 	ArgumentError: NullPointer error, CByteArray.CData == 0 (3)

	Thanks for considerations,

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