[Glass] No reference found to object, but object not garbage collected ...

Ralph Mauersberger ralph.mauersberger at gmx.net
Tue Jul 2 13:38:01 PDT 2019

Hello Marten,

there may be a long running GEM/ Topaz process logged in to your stone,
which still holds a reference to that object in its local memory and
votes the object down after MFC. Restarting all user sessions before MFC
should then fix the problem. Be aware, that also your dev session runnig
the code Object _objectForOop: 325752577 prior to an MFC could itself be
the reason.



Am 02.07.2019 um 21:42 schrieb Marten Feldtmann via Glass:
> I have a not so small database (330 GB) and  I am looking how to
> remove some buggy objects in this database.
> Whenenver I execute "Object _objectForOop: 325752577" I get an
> instance of an buggy object, but when executing "(Object
> _objectForOop: 325752577" findAllRefereces - I get an empty array.
> Using the GsSingleRefPathFinder class I get the result, that the
> object is a dead object - but this dead object does no go away :-(
> I try to execute markCollection, reclaimAll and did a check with
> pageAudit, but nothing helps.
> Any ideas ?
> I am working with Gemstone/S 3.4.0
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