[Glass] Issue #260: eliminate reliance on 32 bit devKitCommanLine image -- call for volunteers

Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemtalksystems.com
Fri Nov 1 10:35:19 PDT 2019

On 11/1/19 9:37 AM, BrunoBB via Glass wrote:
> Dale,
> I'm setting up a Centos 7 for issue_260.
> Before we proceed with:
> https://github.com/GsDevKit/GsDevKit_home/tree/issue_260/shared/repos/GsDevKit_launcher#gsdevkit_launcher
> We should create a 3.5 stone like:
> git clone https://github.com/GsDevKit/GsDevKit_home.git
> cd GsDevKit_home
> . bin/defHOME_PATH.env    # define GS_HOME env var and put $GS_HOME into
> installServerClient
Do do issue_260 development in a fresh GsDevKit_home installation ... 
this is required
> createStone devKit_35 3.5

$GS_HOME/alt_bin/bootstrap_launcher creates a stone that is suitable for 
doing iss_260 development (installs all of the necessary prereqs and a 
set of bash scripts[1] for building/rebuilding the stone


> createClient tode1
You do need to create a fresh tode client so this step is necessary


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