[Glass] Topaz file out a package

Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemtalksystems.com
Thu Jan 23 10:25:27 PST 2020


tODE has a command for doing fileouts of packages:

    mc fileout <fileout-directory-path> <package-name-list>

but I'm not sure that it does what you are expecting as it creates a .gs 
file per class.

When I tested the command I found that there were a handful of bugs (for 
extension methods the algorithm expects the files to exist already) ... 
the bugs could be fixed but I don't know whether or not you are using 
tODE and I don't whether or not you will benefit from using this command 
as the code was written to make it possible to update the .gs file 
structure used for the GemStone base product -- I created these commands 
to update the base .gs files based on edits I was making in tODE and 
over the years I moved away from package-based updates, thus the bugs:)

I'm pretty busy with Rowan, right now, but if a file per class will work 
for you, I can fix the extension method bugs in tODE.

Otherwise you can take a look at these two tODE methods[1] and [2] for 

I do have support for writing out .gs files in Rowan - the code can read 
filetree format packages and produce a .gs file per package. If you are 
not inspired to create your own .gs file writer, using Monticello code, 
I could probably provide you with a topaz solo extent that has Rowan 
installed and a workspace that you can modify to create your .gs files 
... this will be much easier for me to do since I just don't have the 
time to redo the work that I've already done in Rowan using Monticello.

If you are not using or cannot create filetree format packages, then the 
Rowan code won't be of use to you.



On 1/22/20 11:49 AM, BrunoBB via Glass wrote:
> Hi,
> GS 3.4.1
> It is possible to fileout an entire Package in Topaz ?
> A class is very easy:
> topaz 1> fileout class: Object toFile: object.gs
> But i could not find:
> topaz 1> fileout packge: 'package-name' toFile: package.gs
> It is possible in Jade i think it only iterate over all package classes and
> append all to the same File Stream.
> regards,
> bruno
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