[Glass] Position method for BtreePlusReadStream classes

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Mon Jun 8 11:53:46 PDT 2020


aRcIdentitySet has an index on 'each.modifiedTime' and it can have a lot of instances. 

In order to get a list of sorted instances (by modifiedTime) i do: 
gsQuery := GsQuery fromString: 'each.modifiedTime <= timeNow'. 
gsQuery bind: 'timeNow' to: TimeStamp now. 
gsQuery on: aRcIdentitySet . 

Now i want to 'jump' to a given position in this stream... 
It is possible to use some kind of #position: message in aBtreePlusReadStream ? 
(position: does no exist in BtreePlusReadStream) 

I could use #next to 'jump' to a given position, but the query can be very very large. 
At the end it show a paging web page to a user that can click to get the next bunch of objects. 
So i do not want to do #next over a large collection. 

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