[Glass] Position method for BtreePlusReadStream classes

Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemtalksystems.com
Fri Jun 12 17:36:22 PDT 2020


It looks like based upon customer requirements, we will be releasing 
3.6.0 before Jadeite is fully integrated into the product, so you will 
have to wait a little bit longer than you've anticipated. 3.6.0 is 
slated for release this fall and 3.7.0 which should have full Jadeite 
integration (Dolphin-based) plus a Pharo-based IDE is slated for next 
year ...

Good news/bad news, 3.6.0 would have slipped until next year anyway if 
we had held it up for the IDE's so in reality you won't be waiting any 
longer than you would have anyway, but you are now waiting for 3.7.0:)


On 6/12/20 3:34 PM, bruno buzzi brassesco via Glass wrote:
> It seems that 3.6 has a lot of new features !!!
> Just with Tonel and Jadeite is going to be very interesting and now 
> this improvement in time stamps also.
> Waiting for that release !!! 

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