[Glass] Adding GsDevKit/zodiac to an existing GS Seaside database

Bob Nemec bobn at rogers.com
Tue Apr 27 07:47:11 PDT 2021

Hey there,Looking for some baby-steps answers on how to load GsDevKit/zodiac to my GS Seaside application. 
I'm working on integrating with Microsoft Graph. I have it working in our VW Seaside image, but it needs https support, for which I assume I need GsDevKit/zodiac (vs. GsDevKit/Cryptography ?) added to our GS Seaside. 
I've never loaded GS code from GitHub... time to learn. 
Can someone point me to some 'how to get started' instructions? Sorry if I've missed some obvious instructions; hoping to save some time by asking.

Thanks for any help,
Bob NemecKore / HTS
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