[Glass] List and Fast list instances

bruno buzzi brassesco smalltalk at adinet.com.uy
Fri Dec 10 10:34:25 PST 2021


In the following situation:

1) Session1 removes a persistent Object (object1) from a collection (the 
collection was the only reference to the Object)
2) Session1 still hold the persistent Object (object1) in memory (so it 
can be re-attached to the persistent root)
3) Session1 commits or checkpoint
4) Session2 login & execute listInstances: or fastListInstances:

Does object1 will be included on the result set of 4) ?

Because object1 is unattached to the persistent root but is still an 
object on the repository.

I did not find anything in the methods comments, but i guess object1 is 
excluded from the result set...


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