[Glass] LargeObjectNode instances

Johan Brichau johan at yesplan.be
Wed Dec 15 02:37:36 PST 2021


Another question in the context of upgrading a repository from GemStone to 3.4.5:

Is it expected that instances of the hidden class LargeObjectNode no longer respond to messages such as #asOop?

In GemStone, when we get a reference to an instance of the hidden class LargeObjectNode responds to messages such as #asOop.
After converting the repository to GemStone 3.4.5, sending #asOop to instances of the hidden class LargeObjectNode result in a DNU.

We hit it because we have a script to verify the conversion by listing instances of ‘orphaned’ classes. 
Since LargeObjectNode is a hidden class, it shows up in that script, but I wanted to verify if it is normal that this class LargeObjectNode is empty? It also has an empty method dictionary is a new install in GemStone 3.4.5, so I expect it to be normal but wanted to make sure ;-)

Best regards

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