[Glass] AlmostOutOfMemory errors and SocketStream>>checkFlush

Bob Nemec bobn at rogers.com
Tue Jan 5 11:17:17 PST 2021

We're looking at occasional AlmostOutOfMemory exceptions in production. One pattern that we see is where ZnBivalentWriteStream>>next:putAll:startingAt: sends SocketStream>>next:putAll:startingAt: which then sends #checkFlush, and that is when the AlmostOutofMemory exception is raised.
 Curious as to why SocketStream>>autoFlush is false. I think it is set in ZnNetworkingUtils>>setSocketStreamParameters: ... there is probably a good reason, but we're wonder if this is contributing to the rare AlmostOufOfMemory exception. Anyone have an idea? 
Thanks for any info,Bob Nemec 
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