[Glass] How to make one attribute of a persistent instance transient !??!?

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On Wed, Mar 24, 2021, 23:37 Marten Feldtmann via Glass <
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> Is this possible ? I would like to define an attribute within instances of
> persistant classes, which is transient ... it should always be initialized
> with nil (on transaction boundaries).

We have a feature request for this but it's not available yet. No ETA.

We do have a #dbTransient option on a class, which means its instances
persist but only with nils in the instance variables. (Kind of weird, I
know.) This allows you to create a value holder whose value(s) will never

One of our customers has a convention technique whereby they use e.g.
#ourCommit rather than #commitTransaction and their convention allows them
to enumerate the objects that will be written and "pre-flush" each. This
allows classes to nil instance variables that they don't want persisted.

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