[Glass] Stop a Gem running an endless FFI loop

Bruno Buzzi Brassesco bruno.brasesco at gmail.com
Wed May 5 12:13:05 PDT 2021

GS: 337
Which is the best way to stop a Gem running an endless FFI loop ?
Let's say Gem1 starts Gem2 that runs the FFI loop.

The FFI Gem2 is started like (inside Gem1):
s := GsExternalSession new.
s username: 'xx'; password: 'xx'; login.
s forkString: 'FFI endless loop here'.

So far so good..
But when i try to stop it with:
System stopSession: s sessionId. (in Gem1)
the command: netstat -lpn | grep 6060 - it shows the gem still running on
that port. So Gem2 still running
Gem2 only ends if I logout from Gem1.

Also tried to use #forceLogout but sometime works fine but other answer the
following error:
'session with stone session ID of 127 still present 20 seconds after logout'

And last question is:
Which is the difference between GsExternalSessio>>sessionId and
GsExternalSession>>stoneSessionId ?

Right now the kill is done with:
System performOnServer: 'kill -9 ' , s gemProcessId printString
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