[Glass] How to ensure onSuccess: is sent

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Yeah, these things should also be a problem in a single image/gem, I 
agree. That would point in the load balancer / HAProxy direction, 
wouldn't it?

Am 10.05.21 um 21:47 schrieb Bob Nemec:
> Submit form conflicts were a problem in the past. I've replaced all 
> the buttons on that view with anchors that look like buttons in order 
> to avoid the enter key default action. But that is a good point: I'll 
> double check that I not missed one.

Also make sure you don't have any submit/serialize calls in click 
handlers for those anchors that might get out of order. Maybe you can 
check event orders using the dev tools in your browser? I know you see 
the order in Firefox, I dunno about Chrome.


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