[Glass] Some general questions about packages and all that

bruno buzzi brassesco smalltalk at adinet.com.uy
Mon Oct 18 07:21:50 PDT 2021

>> In the meantime, one can use the T2F2T-Conversion[1] project to 
>> convert the package format from tonel to filetree and then port the 
>> project to GLASS/GsDevKit. A year ago, Bruno Buzzi ported a set of 
>> tonel-based Pharo projects for XML to 
>> GLASS/GsDevKit using T2F2T-Conversion to create filetree packages:
>>  1. XML-XPath[2]
>>  2. XMLParser[3]
>>  3. XML-XMLWriter[4]
>>  4. BitmapCharacterSet[5]
>>  5. OrderPreservingDictionary[6]
just to comment that the port was pretty straight forward


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