[Glass] UK Smalltalk User Group Meeting - 31 August 2022

Giovanni Corriga giovanni at corriga.net
Wed Aug 10 15:25:57 PDT 2022

For this month, we'll be welcoming Instantiations' Mariano Martinez Peck
and Seth Berman, who will be talking to us about asynchronous programming
in Smalltalk.

Whether you’re interested in starting a new project or enhancing an
existing system, asynchronous programming offers a great way to optimize
application speed and help ensure maintainability as complexity increases.
We’ll discuss the asynchronous programming approach, why it’s important,
and show live demos in the VAST Platform (
https://www.instantiations.com/vast-platform/ ) of how to get started with
futures/promises, asynchronous streams/zones, and more!

Mariano Martinez Peck ( https://twitter.com/martinezpeck ) is a senior
systems engineer specializing in dynamic programming language software. In
2018, he joined Instantiations to further develop the VAST Platform through
the addition of new frameworks, libraries and tools, as well as improving
the existing code base of VAST. He is active in the Smalltalk development
community, and has used his expertise to co-author numerous open source
projects. Mariano has a PhD in Computer Science, and his academic research
has been published across various international journals.

Seth Berman ( https://twitter.com/sethloco78 ) is President & CEO of
Instantiations ( https://www.instantiations.com/ ). He leads a dedicated
team that tirelessly supports and enhances Instantiations' VAST Platform,
while he guides expansion into new software/service areas like IoT, cloud,
and edge computing solutions. Before leading Instantiations, Seth joined
the company in 2011 as a software engineer working on projects ranging from
advanced code editors and cryptography libraries to FFI enhancements and
virtual machine implementations. Previously, he worked for the US
government in a variety of domains including stochastic simulation,
operations research, grid computing, and link analysis. Seth has a B.S. in
Computer Science and an M.S. in Software Engineering.

This will be an online meeting from home.

If you'd like to join us, please sign up in advance on the meeting's Meetup
page ( https://www.meetup.com/ukstug/events/cbklbrydclbgc/ ) to receive the
meeting details. Don’t forget to bring your laptop and drinks!
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