[Glass] How to start an eval of Gemsatone/S

charles at tradeblazer.com charles at tradeblazer.com
Tue Jan 18 07:03:14 PST 2022

Hi all,


Not sure if this is the right spot to ask,let me know if not, this is more
of sales evaluation i.e. that's the intent.




I wish to evaluate Gemstone/S at first for some more tangential needs that
are currently targeted for Mongo.

Our core product actually runs over Oracle and soon over any RDMS but for
practical purposes we are targetting Postgres.

However, potentially the bigger need.


>From my FPL and Brooklyn Union Gas days I became quite familiar with using
GemBuilder for VW however instead I want to engage Gemstone from Pharo and I
understand that not to work the same way.


Recently , (yesterday) I discovered Sparkle which led me to discovering
SparkleFFI , so there's apparently some efforts under way to provide comm
from Pharo to Gemstone i.e. more akin to Gembuilder/VW.


Anyhow, to cut to the chase.




I'm not interested in building a Seaside app that uses Gemstone for its

Rather, very thin , quite dumb Svelte/JS UIs will talk to Pharo
microservice(s) which in turn will talk to Gemstone i.e. that's the hope.


I would prefer some rpc mechanism where transaction boundaries are
controlled from Pharo but I"ll be happy with whatever mechanism I can use to
pass objects to Gemstone. 




1.	How do I talk to Gemstone from Pharo ? 

a.	I believe that Zinc can actually run on Gemstone so json/http(s)
would be one way ? Any other way ? best way ?

2.	Is there a notification / push mechanism now in place e.g. change to
a Gemstone collection could be notified to interested parties (Pharo)

a.	Is there a web socket implementation?
b.	Any other messaging implementation ? MQTT ? RabbitMQ etc ? 

3.	GemConnect / Postgres , would there be a separate additional license
fee ?
4.	Has the performance of markForCollection changed much in all of
these years i.e. does one have to allocate downtime ? i.e. what if the app
actually needed to run 24x7, what are the accommodations for said scenario
under current Gemstone/S.
5.	I assume that for development use that one can install Gemstone
under WSL ? If so any issues to be aware of ?
6.	Sparkle is the new IDE ? but I see there's also IoDE ? 


Finally , given all of the above , and never mind Gemstone/ S setup itself ,
is there some doc that illustrates a simple hello world scenario where a
Pharo image is sending to Gemstone objects for persistence ? 

A cursory review of the Glass posts seem Seaside centric.


Thanks in advance, 




Charles A. Monteiro
Chief Technology Officer
Datasoft, Inc

Phone: 347-853-7349

Web: <http://www.tradeblazer.com> tradeblazer.com


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