[Glass] How to start an eval of Gemsatone/S

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Hi Charles,

In response to your specific question:

1. To talk to GemStone from Pharo you can use the GCI library (with something like SparkleFFI (https://github.com/GemTalk/SparkleFFI) or something that talks directly to a Gem that has its own API (such as https://github.com/jgfoster/WebGS).

2. A Gem can be notified if an object changes and then it could notify a client. I believe that RemoteServiceReplication (https://github.com/GemTalk/RemoteServiceReplication) will (eventually) provide synchronization between GemStone and Pharo, but I’m not able to answer questions about it. With respect to supporting Web Sockets, WebGS (see #1) does have that capability. I’m not aware of any other messaging implementations.

3. As noted by others, GemConnect for Postgres (https://github.com/GemTalk/GemConnect-for-Postgres) is available under the MIT license.

4. The performance for MFC has _vastly_ improved. A job that took several days can now be done in a few hours with minimal disruption on regular operation. It is now very realistic to plan for 24x7 uptime (I understand that one customer schedules 1 day per year of downtime for upgrades, etc.).

5. GemStone runs fine under WSL 2. It runs under WSL 1 but required a special keyfile to get around WSL 1 bugs.

6. For an IDE you can use Topaz (for old-school vim/gdb users), GBS (if you have a license for VA or VW), Jadeite (https://github.com/GemTalk/Jadeite or its predecessor, Jade (https://github.com/jgfoster/Jade)), or experiment with Sparkle (https://github.com/GemTalk/Sparkle). To learn more about Sparkle I suggest you watch Martin McClure’s upcoming presentation (https://www.meetup.com/UKSTUG/events/282299228/ <https://www.meetup.com/UKSTUG/events/282299228/>).


> On Jan 18, 2022, at 7:03 AM, Charles Monteiro via Glass <glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com <mailto:glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com>> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Not sure if this is the right spot to ask,let me know if not, this is more of sales evaluation i.e. that’s the intent.
> Context:
> I wish to evaluate Gemstone/S at first for some more tangential needs that are currently targeted for Mongo.
> Our core product actually runs over Oracle and soon over any RDMS but for practical purposes we are targetting Postgres.
> However, potentially the bigger need.
> From my FPL and Brooklyn Union Gas days I became quite familiar with using GemBuilder for VW however instead I want to engage Gemstone from Pharo and I understand that not to work the same way.
> Recently , (yesterday) I discovered Sparkle which led me to discovering SparkleFFI , so there’s apparently some efforts under way to provide comm from Pharo to Gemstone i.e. more akin to Gembuilder/VW.
> Anyhow, to cut to the chase.
> Objectives:
> I’m not interested in building a Seaside app that uses Gemstone for its persistence.
> Rather, very thin , quite dumb Svelte/JS UIs will talk to Pharo microservice(s) which in turn will talk to Gemstone i.e. that’s the hope.
> I would prefer some rpc mechanism where transaction boundaries are controlled from Pharo but I”ll be happy with whatever mechanism I can use to pass objects to Gemstone. 
> So:
> How do I talk to Gemstone from Pharo ? 
> I believe that Zinc can actually run on Gemstone so json/http(s) would be one way ? Any other way ? best way ?
> Is there a notification / push mechanism now in place e.g. change to a Gemstone collection could be notified to interested parties (Pharo)
> Is there a web socket implementation?
> Any other messaging implementation ? MQTT ? RabbitMQ etc ? 
> GemConnect / Postgres , would there be a separate additional license fee ?
> Has the performance of markForCollection changed much in all of these years i.e. does one have to allocate downtime ? i.e. what if the app actually needed to run 24x7, what are the accommodations for said scenario under current Gemstone/S.
> I assume that for development use that one can install Gemstone under WSL ? If so any issues to be aware of ?
> Sparkle is the new IDE ? but I see there’s also IoDE ? 
> Finally , given all of the above , and never mind Gemstone/ S setup itself , is there some doc that illustrates a simple hello world scenario where a Pharo image is sending to Gemstone objects for persistence ? 
> A cursory review of the Glass posts seem Seaside centric.
> Thanks in advance, 
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