[Glass] Unusual compiling issue in tODE

Jupiter Jones jupiter.jones at mail.com
Tue Mar 1 15:09:50 PST 2022

Hi everyone,

I have been mentoring a new GemStone developer in Netherlands and we have come across a strange issue compiling in tODE. It only happens in his setup (windows running a linux VM), but not in mine (VMWare Fusion linux VM on Mac). So I can’t work it out.

I have a test that includes the line:

self assert: member balanceOwingOrCredit = 37.08

However, when it is saved in the tODE code editor it is compiled (and then reformatted) as:

self assert: member balanceOwingOrCredit = 37.

ie. the SmallDouble 37.08 has become 37 and there’s a new statement 08 on the next line.

To be sure, we have rebuilt the tODE client and stone, but get the same result.

Has anyone seen this, or know how to go about debugging such an issue?


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