[Glass] Temporary object memory and C heap

bruno buzzi brassesco smalltalk at adinet.com.uy
Mon Oct 3 07:33:17 PDT 2022


And I have doubt about GEM temporary object memory from a C point of 
view (each Gem is a C program).
Is the Gem "temporary object memory" allocated in the C heap ? (I think 
yes but ...)

The confusion come from that from Prg manual "GsBitmaps do not used 
temporary object memory", but they use "C Heap memory".

Maybe the manual differentiate  GEM temporary object memory and C Heap 
to make a difference between exclusively Smalltalk memory and non 
Smalltalk memory (but both are C Heap memory).

regards bruno

PS: anyone from GemTalk is going to FAST next month ?

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