[Glass] Rowan status

Gabriel Cotelli g.cotelli at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 06:42:14 PDT 2023

We're evaluating a possible migration of some backend services and a
Seaside app for a new SaaS product to GS 64. We have code that can be
easily exported in Tonel format and versioned in a git repository. Is Rowan
the way to go for this kind of thing?  Is it ready for prime time?

I've taken a look at the GitHub repository
<https://github.com/GemTalk/Rowan> but it's not clear to me how to start
using it.

Using something like Tonel (not Filetree because it's impractical) and
having some kind of CI support for building and testing new changes is a

Any advice or experience to share in this kind of setup will be appreciated.

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